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What would follow after Brexit?

We have thoroughly read most of the materials from the two groups that have formed before the referendum. One group wishes the UK to remain in the EU and the second group wishes the UK to leave the EU.

However, we do not know what would happen if the UK were to exit  from the EU. What would follow after Brexit? Only vague possibilities are encountered everywhere. We sometimes see quite impressive figures, graphs and tables. Unfortunately, this is all just pure theory.

Leave EU Next Exit


The group that wishes to leave the EU argues that the UK will still be strong and independent outside the EU. In their view, this would surely lead to the greater prosperity of the UK. Different figures are also shown. However, all these are largely mere speculation.

It is a highly misleading perpetual argument that the UK sends millions of pounds to Brussels. Millions of pounds are returned to the UK directly or by other means. Of course the UK is a net contributor, but the UK has other benefits that can not be fully calculated, nor can the exact sum of money be expressed.

UK is a net contributor…

Very often we notice Brexit supporters arguing that the finances contributed by the UK to the EU budget would be able to build a new fully-staffed NHS hospital every week. In our opinion, this is a very populist view. Also, scientific research can not solve everything. It is an important priority, but the UK needs more than that.

According to Brexit supporters, the bargained agreement with David Cameron is not legally binding, and the European Court may cancel this agreement the day after the referendum. If this really happened (although this is controversial), the UK could again decide to hold a referendum on remaining in the EU. It is clear that if the agreement negotiated by Cameron did not come into force, another referendum would probably end in victory for Brexit supporters. As is generally known, people hate dirty tricks, which is what this behaviour would definitely be.

people hate dirty tricks…

We think that EU leaders are aware of this. They probably would not permit the agreement concluded with David Cameron not to come into force. If it really happened (which is, in our opinion, truly unimaginable) that this agreement did not come into effect, it would be a reason for the UK not to remain in a society in which leaders do not keep their word. Brexit campaign supporters would very easily claim: “We don’t want to be in a group of liars and cheaters“ and “Those who lie and cheat are not trustworthy partners“.

a group of liars and cheaters

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The group of supporters for the UK to remain in the EU argues primarily for the many UK jobs which are dependent on trade with the EU. According to them, Brexit is „a leap into the unknown“.

„a leap into the unknown“

This surely implies the fact that the UK and its citizens are being led astray. In our opinion, this only serves to frighten UK citizens. It is certain that, after Brexit, day-to-day trade between the UK and other EU countries would not cease. Because this would be impossible in the contemporary globalised world.